Frequently Asked Questions

"Does Nor-Cal Home Improvements Charge for Estimates?"

The answer to that is simply no. Our belief is that from initial contact through the entire process we want our customers to be comfortable with us. After all, your home is your largest investment that you'll ever make and modifications to it must be carefully considered and we are here to help. We take each of our customers needs very seriously and never charge for estimates or consultations. That's just part of the process for us being there for you from the start to the end.

"How Many Estimates are Recommended to Obtain, Prior to Making a Decision on a Contractor?"

It is typically recommended that three estimates be given and compared prior to making a final decision. It's also important to be comfortable with your contractor. And if all things considered feel right from price, quality of products and overall professionalism, then there is nothing wrong with minimizing your bidding process, especially if your contractor comes well recommended.

"Why do Prices Vary?"

If the basics are clear from what materials are going to be used and how they are going to be built and installed, then typically how a business is structured is what drives prices up and down. There are great small and large businesses in the industry as well as less then adequate organizations of similar size. Obviously, the contractor that does business out of his household garage can afford to do things at a less expensive price than a company with a showroom, office and warehouse space. The more a company grows results in more indirect costs associated with the firm's expenses, and thus get built into a contract price. As much as we do not want to see these types of costs built into a contract, it also shows that the firm has the wherewithal to be an active presence in the industry, and should be there in the future in the event of post installation service and repair. Many tradesmen become contractors just to ensure that their bills get paid, but are not in it for the long haul, which can be difficult when your need for repair is required and they are no longer in business. Remember cheaper is not always better!

"Does Nor-Cal Home Improvements Provide a Warranty?"

Yes, we supply a one year labor warranty and also provide you with all manufacture warranties that come with the products and materials associated with the construction of your project. In some cases these warranties are for 30 days and others are provided for a lifetime Typically, we will purchase and furnish all possible extended warranties on appliances whenever possible.

"Are Down Payments Required?"

California Law states that a contractor can only accept a down payment up to $1000, or 10% of the contact, whichever is less. If Nor-Cal Home Improvements enters into an agreement with you for improvements, we will lay out a payment schedule based upon the progress of a job.

"How Long Does it Take to do an Average Job?"

Every job is different and our goal is to always minimize your inconvenience and maximize our efficiency. Behind the scenes of every home improvement project lie many important details, which must be completed in an effort to build your job in a timely manner. Prior to even starting a project we lay out schedules for material deliveries and order any special items to minimize lag times and maximize your satisfaction.

"How Should Problems be Handled?"

At Nor-Cal Home improvements every person is committed to your satisfaction. Prior to beginning any work on your home you will be given a list of contacts, should you have any questions or concerns. There will never be a time that you cannot reach someone. All of our field personnel have the ability to communicate with you day or night to handle your home improvement needs – all you have to do is call and we will be there for you.

"How are Changes Handled?"

Improving the home is a process, and in some circumstances there may be an element to the project that doesn’t meet the expectation that you initially had in the beginning. It is also possible that you may want to make a change prior to a particular portion of your project ever being built. In either case, we would do what is called a "change order" or "addendum" to the contract. This document would then supersede any specifics relative to the detail of the original contract. It would lay out the costs (if any) associated with the change as well as detail any change to the original time line for completion. Many of your project materials can be ordered in advance of the actual time it is needed, so restocking fees and non-refundable items can cause significant price changes, even when they may not be installed or even on the project. This is one reason we do our best to review all the specifics of a contract prior to starting to minimize any unnecessary adjustments later. Our goal will always be your satisfaction, so in any case we will always do our best to minimize costs of change.

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